Tejon Ranch


       In June 2008, 178,000 acres of ecologically valuable property on Tejon Ranch were dedicated to permanent conservation through the Tejon Ranch Conservation and Land Use Agreement. The Agreement was signed by the Tejon Ranch Company and a consortium of natural resource organizations, and fostered the creation of the non-profit, Tejon Ranch Conservancy. The purpose of this project is to assist the Conservancy in the development of a Ranch-Wide Management Plan (RWMP).

        Our client, the Tejon Ranch Conservancy, expects us to produce information on baseline conditions and generate multiple conceptual models to inform the development of the RWMP. One goal of our project is to assist in the gathering and analyzing analysis of select baseline conditions data and historical information on Tejon Ranch. This information will focus on the natural resources of Tejon Ranch, as well as current and historic land use, in order to better understand current conditions on Tejon Ranch. Additionally, we will develop conceptual models for conservation priorities which will be used in the development of the RWMP. The purpose of developing conceptual models is to identify the drivers, stressors, and targets of environmental change that will inform management decisions.


Development of conceptual models and ecological baselines to support the creation of an adaptive management plan for Tejon Ranch, California